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The Respectful Workplace for PWABC

Workplace harassment refers to objectionable or unwelcome conduct, comments or actions by an individual at any event or location related to work, which can reasonably be expected to offend, intimidate, humiliate or degrade.  Respectful workplaces are recognized as being productive, rewarding, and enjoyable for everyone. Respectful workplaces don't just happen however, they are built. 


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The Respectful Workplace for PWABC

  • Course Description

    This 20 minute, multi module course is designed to assist you to define workplace conflict, personal harassment, bullying, discriminatory harassment or retaliation; to identify behaviour that is inappropriate or illegal; and to know what to do if any of the above takes place. A brief quiz is presented after each module with the ability to review and retry with the objective of reaching 100%. 

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