How Can E-Learning by Help Me Train My Staff? 
Regardless of department, HR, Training and Development, Health & Safety, Engineering or Operations, we create custom content for the Municipal environment helping you save money and time.


What does “per seat” mean?

“Per seat” means you can purchase a course for individual staff members, as you need, at one, low cost per person.

How many “seats” can I purchase at a time?

There is no limit to the number of seats you can purchase of any course, anytime.

How do I pay for my “seats”?

Fast, easy credit card payment through a secure online payment system is set up through our online cart system.

What is included in the “semi-customized” course option?

Courses that have been developed with our Municipal client-partners are prepped and ready for you to put your own policies, procedures and branding on them to reflect your Municipality and its practices.

How do I know if a staff member has completed a course?

Supervisors and staff members once registered, will receive a confirmation email and a completion email. Specialized reporting is also available. Call us for a quotation.

What is the “Municipal Shared Resources Program”

Our shared resource program for Municipalities is a unique program where collaborating client-partners sponsor or share the cost of an E-Learning course or program and generously agree to offer to other Municipalities. In return, The W Group provides credit back to the originating partners towards future E-Learning.

What does the annual systems fee give me?

The uses a robust software platform to deliver independent, flexible E-Learning courses. In addition to these, special features and ongoing technical support are including in the annual systems fee.