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We design and deliver online training for Canadian municipalities

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From on demand, to fully custom, we're here to make your municipal training programs successful.

High-Quality E-Learning Courses


Tap into our Municipal E-Learning expertise


Get secure access to the right course at the right time


Skip the need for classroom training


Save training time

and budget

On-Demand E-Learning Courses

Are you a smaller municipality or have small groups requiring training? Our “on-demand” program offers you the flexibility you need when you need it.  


Semi-customized |No Per Seat Cost Courses

Would you prefer to have ongoing access to a ready-made course that is unique to your organization? We offer the opportunity to customize any of our courses for a one-time charge plus an annual systems fee.

Per Seat | Semi-Custom | Custom

Customized | No Per Seat Cost Courses

All of our courses have been designed and developed in collaboration with our Municipal Client-Partners. If you have a subject that you need turned into a vibrant, interactive online learning experience, our fully customized courses are your best option. 

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Municipal Shared Resource Program

Our shared resource program for Municipalities is a unique program where collaborating client-partners sponsor or share the cost of an E-Learning course or program and generously agree to offer it to other Municipalities. In return, The W Group provides credit back to the originating partners towards future E-Learning. 

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