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Emergency Services Helicopter Landing Zone Management

BC’s Autolaunch program, short for automatic launch, is based on information conveyed through a 911 call and is devised from a system developed by the Mayo Clinic so that air ambulances can land directly at accident scenes.  In most instances, the paramedic crew involved with the patient cannot leave to prepare the area.  First Responders, (Fire Departments, Police and Search and Rescue), have been proven to be effective landing zone managers and are critical to the success of BC’s Autolaunch program and the outcome of patients. 


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Emergency Services Helicopter Landing Zone Management

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    Developed for the City of Richmond fire department and part of our Municipal Shared Resources Program, this brief, targeted course is designed to provide best practice training to helicopter landing safety. Using interactive videos, three modules related to helispot preparation; helicopter arrival and landing; and helicopter departure are presented with a brief quiz at the end with the ability to review and retry with the objective of reaching 100%.  

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