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COVID-19 Awareness for the Workplace

Employers in BC have an obligation to provide a safe workplace under the Workers’ Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.  This includes taking reasonable and responsible measures to protect employees from a contagion like the Novel Coronavirus, (COVID-19).  The purpose of this course is to provide information about the COVID-19 virus and the key steps required to prevent the spread of the virus. 


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COVID-19 Awareness for the Workplace

  • Course Description

    This 20 minute, multi-module course is addressed to Supervisors, Managers and Employees.  The information is presented in an animated, multi-module format and covers the definition of a Coronavirus; routes of transmission; symptoms; and safety best practices including physical distancing; safe hand washing; and contact tracing.  A brief quiz is presented after each module with the ability to review and retry with the objective of reaching 100%.

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