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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, (CASL) Awareness

The simple act of sending an electronic message with any degree of commercial content to someone who has not consented to receiving that message can now present significant risks under the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that was passed by Parliament in 2010 and that is considered the toughest anti-spam/malware law in the world.


This course provides basic guidance to employees in their day-to-day electronic communications practices both internally and externally.


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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, (CASL) Awareness

  • Course Description

    This 20 minute, interactive course reviews the definition and purpose of the legislation; what actions are prohibited; guidance related to commercial electronic messages, (CEM) including affirmative action in consent; and the implications both legally and monetarily to organizations who do not maintain rigorous list, message and consent practices. One quiz is presented with the opportunity to review and retry with the objective of reaching 100%.

    Originally developed for the City of Surrey, Legislative and Corporate Services.

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